My face

Hello! My name is Ilya Ilyankou (see this YouTube video to learn to pronounce it). I am a diligent student and a computer scientist. I work with big data, visualizations, machine learning, and machine intelligence. I am well traveled and enjoy minimalism.

I am currently a senior getting a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Studio Arts at Trinity College in Hartford. I spent 2016/17 academic year at Oxford, where I studied AI, machine learning, data visualization, and game theory.

I write code in Python, JavaScript, C, and Java. I know web development (HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap) and a bunch of visualization libraries, including D3, three.js, Highcharts, Leaflet, Mapbox, and Google Maps. I used TensorFlow and Keras to write recurrent neural networks. I know some iOS and Android development. In addition, I'm excellent with algorithms and Big-O notation.

I love developing things. Below are some of the projects I am particularly proud of.

Visualizing Cities

Visualizing Cities For Data Visualization course at Oxford, I worked with Bloomberg Global Cities Index dataset. I took 11 parameters of 50 cities (e.g. GDP per capita, green areas per capita) and used principal component analysis (PCA) to perform dimensionality reduction and plot the cities in 2D. I used time series approach to represent 11 different parameters on a Leaflet map, where diameter corresponded to the value. I also made a map where any two parameters can be contrasted as diameters and colors of the glyphs. View full report on GitHub.

Leaflet Maps with Google Sheets

Leaflet Maps with Google Sheets My professor Jack Dougherty and I created a tool that lets anybody build a beautiful Leaflet map with markers, pop-ups, polygons, and polylines without knowing any JavaScript or Leaflet. Just use the Google Sheet template to fill in the data you need, and voila! View how on GitHub and join 162 people who already forked it.

Dimensionality Reduction & Data Visualization (CS Senior Project)

Dimensionality Reduction & Data Visualization (CS Senior Project) For my Senior Project in Computer Science, I am learning linear and non-linear dimensionality reduction techniques, and developing an application that is capable of plotting (potentially) any .csv dataset in 3 dimensions. It should analyze the dataset and choose an appropriate algorithm depending on the presence of missing values, categorcal or binary dimensions, and various other parameters. The back-end is a Python server currently running locally on my Mac, and the front-end runs on HTML and THREE.js.

Leaflet Storymap

Leaflet Maps with Google Sheets Leaflet Storymap lets you tell a story about places. Each paragraph is connected to a specific point in the map. As you scroll through the story, it flies you to the relevant place. View code on GitHub.